Pest Control Courses

Crop Spraying Tractor

Vermin Control

  • Bird Control.  *This course does not carry Lantra accreditation.
  • Combined Vermin Control : (rodents, rabbits, mice & moles)
  • Domestic Insect Control
  • Rabbit & Mole Control
  • Rodent Control
  • Wasp Control (for those not completing the Domestic Insect Control course) *This course does not carry Lantra accreditation.
  • Royal Society of Public Health’s Level 2 Award in Pest Management


Safe Use of Pesticides

  • Safe Use of Pesticides (Agriculture)
  • Safe Use of Pesticides (Scotland)

Practical Application

  • Boom Sprayer: Hydraulic Nozzle – PA2
  • Boom Sprayer: Rotary Atomiser – PA2
  • Granular Applicators – PA4

All the above pesticide course prepare candidates for their National Proficiency Tests Council / City & Guilds Assessments.

Advanced Courses

  • Advanced Certificate in Spray Applications (Theory) includes Assessment for Lantra Certificate of Competence
  • Effective Application of Pesticides
  • Environmental Safety for Pesticides Use

Practical Application: Hand-held Sprayers

  • Hand held Applicators – Hydraulics Nozzle – PA6
  • Hand held Applicators – Rotary Atomiser – PA6

* Please Note
All these courses are also available to trainees who do not wish to complete the assessments leading to the Advanced Certificate in Pesticide Spray Applications


  • Dipping


  • Veterinary Medicines